U.S. police are raping, stealing and killing with impunity

By Christopher R Rice, Underground Newz

It is absolutely legal for a police officer in the U.S.A. to rape your daughter and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. (See video/click links below) No law against a police officer raping your daughter while she is in handcuffs and screaming for mercy. All the police officer has to do is claim that it was consensual. And there's not one thing that you can do about it.

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Children in North America Are Starving While Donald J Trump's kids Travel in Luxury

By Christopher R Rice, Underground Newz

The number of homeless children and homeless US veterans is swelling while our leaders are on a spending spree. LE is doing their best to run the homeless off wherever they find them so it looks like there isn't a problem.

With a wave and a smile, First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Ghana Tuesday.
Her $2,000 striped dress by Celine fluttered in the wind as she descended the steps of her aircraft. On the tarmac, she was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers from an 8-year-old girl.
The first family returned to the White House Sunday after their working vacation at the president's country club in New Jersey.

Barron was seen sporting a white polo shirt, khaki pants and New Balance sneakers, along with slicked-back hair.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has published a story centering on Melania’s life in The White House. The article confirmed previous reports that she and the president sleep in separate bedrooms and stay in separate hotel sui…

Sex Abuse Prevention / What to do during a Sexual Assault

Sex Abuse Prevention
By Patty Onderko

The news about former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse of young boys is sickening and scary. And sadly, it’s not uncommon. But instead of pulling the covers over our heads, we can use news like this as an opportunity to learn about the signs of abuse so we can prevent it from happening again.  There are things we can do to keep our children safe. Keep reading for tips that can strengthen our kids, our families, and our communities against the threat of pedophiles.

Having “The Talk”

You don’t have to scare your children in order to keep them safe. Teaching them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching will go a long way in protecting them from predators. As early as age 3, children should understand that parts of their body are private and that it’s not okay for just anyone to touch them. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start the conversation.

Start simple. There’s n…

Trump wants a nuclear war, with anyone

By Underground Newz

Dennis Jett: Congress has the constitutional responsibility for declaring war, but it has not done so since World War II. That has not prevented every president since then from engaging in military conflicts large and small. Even American participation in the Korean War was not authorized by Congress. So, the absence of a formal declaration of war against North Korea or Syria or Iran or China or Venezuela is no barrier to a nuclear strike.

In recent years, Congress has often acted to allow the president to use military force without a declaration of war. After 9/11, it passed an Authorization for the Use of Military Force to permit the president to go after those involved in the terrorist attacks that day. President Bush used that authorization in his rationale for invading Iraq, even though there was no connection to the attack. President Obama used it during his time in office to justify drone strikes and other military actions. In other words, the 9/11 au…

#0CT22 Brett Kavanaugh Protest

By Christopher R Rice

Brett Kavanugh has said that as a Supreme Court justice he would like to eliminate all caps (limits) on campaign contributions from corporations to our politicians. So corporations will be able to donate as much as they want, from now. Our vote will now be meaningless. And instead of a democracy we will become a Banana Republic, thanks to Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh has also said that he does not respect the US Constitution (fourth amendment) and thinks that it is okay for the NSA or other government agencies to sweep up our metadata and all of our communications. And Kavanaugh has said that the government should be able to do whatever they want with this information.

In addition Judge Kavanaugh has said that women have no rights and should be subject to his strict religious beliefs which means no more abortions, even for rape victims.

Kavanuagh also worked with George W. Bush's torture lawyer, John Yoo to craft the torture memos that allow…

Georgetown Preparatory School Tea Party

By Underground Newz When driving through Bethesda, Maryland (or any other Midwest/Southern state) your car breaks down in the nighttime. The "friendly" locals all liquored up on moonshine (Texas Tea) come to help you out. But instead of helping you with your car they all gang rape you until you are a bloody mess. "Hey what took you so long to get to my house it's almost 4am? And why do you look like shit?" 
"My car broke down and those F&*%ing Catholics raped the shit out of me" 
"Wow was that your first Tea Party?" Donald Trump Jr. posted a fake letter on Instagram to his 1.3 million followers titled, “Judge Kavanaugh’s sexual assault letter found by Dems.” The letter, written in crayon, is in the style of something you might see an elementary school kid send to his crush, with “will you be my girlfriend” and boxes marked “yes” and “no.” Comments on the Instagram post are as divided as the country is right now and includes messag…